Sunday 26 January 2014

Wishing this weekend would stay forever!

Time definitely flies when you're having fun and it has zoomed past this weekend.

It was just so much fun. And I managed to cram so much in, which means this afternoon I'm taking a well deserved chill pill!

Friday was pay day, which meant a celebratory drink was an absolute must as we made it through January! So Kiran and I ventured down to Match bar off Regent Street. I really like the laid back vibe in Match, just easy going, fun and with glasses of Proseco for £6, is good for a quick stop off after work.

Yes this does mean I've broken my dry January but I figured this month is depressing enough without turning down some bubbles!

Saturday, Dan and I spent the morning flat hunting. We're looking to buy our first home and it's hard going. Those that know me know I have a clear idea of exactly what I'm looking for but there isn't much on the market at the moment within our budget. But I don't give up easily. And good news is I do (fingers crossed) think we stumbled upon a little gem. Little being the operative word, as it's a very small one bed, but it would be ours. Our very own (little) place. And there are prospects for expansion, so we're going to go back for a second viewing, maybe a third as I may drag my mum along for a preview (she has a good eye for these things, plus I feel we need an adults opinion). Fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted on progress…

In the afternoon, we celebrated our six years together (I'll fill you in one day) and traipsed into Soho for the afternoon.

We stumbled on to some great little finds, including a comic book store (for Dan) and old book shops (for us both). We are both quite geeky at heart so were well in our element. Books from Biographies on Milton, to Shakespeare anthologies and art books on the history of Vogue front covers. Different strokes and all that.

I love the smell of old books and William Blake House has so many of them to get my nose stuck into! So if you're a fan and have a few hours to kill in the little labyrinth, head on down to Marshall Street.

When we left it decided to hammer it down so we took shelter in Starbucks to avoid the downpour.

By then we'd worked up a real appetite too, so it was onwards to dinner at Jackson and Rye just around the corner. We hadn't booked but it was about 6pm and we just rocked up to try our luck. Turns out we were right to do so and were shown straight to a cute little table at the corner of the bar.

The venue was great; informal New York diner complete with jazz/blues music, bottles of alcohol lining the shelves and there was such an infectious buzz about the place.

I drank pink champagne (any excuse - and it would be rude not too on your anniversary!) and Dan was on his usual tipple - as any good girlfriend would, I took it upon myself to give it a good test too.

Then we got tucked in to the menu.

Mac and Cheese to start - I've never really had this dish before but after girls at work said it was great with steak, it was a no brainer. And it didn't disappoint. Creamy, rich and warm. The prefect January dish. 

Then it was on to the steak. I LOVE a good piece of meat. I am definitely a carnivore and my favourite is a great piece of steak with that charcoaled smokey taste to enjoy with each bite. Coupled with double dipped chips and peppercorn and rye sauce. Delicious. 

Then dessert. Oh. My. Gosh.  Melting chocolate sundae with butterscotch sauce. This may be one of the best desserts I have EVER tasted. Our waitress poured over the butterscotch on top of the chocolate top and it began melting away in front of us, to reveal a marshmallowy, ice cream centre. So sweet but each scoop revealed something new. Bits of honeycomb, melted chocolate, hot butterscotch, ice-cream. The only downside to it was that I shared it with Dan…..two spoons burrowing deep into the silver little tin meant it lasted all of five minutes!

The other great thing about this restaurant - the waiting staff were so relaxed, there was no constantly checking on you every five minutes. They could see we were in no hurry and they were in no hurry to rush us out of the building. Dan and I were so at home, we began playing 'Heads Up' and got through so many games I had to put my phone back on charge. We were just like a couple of kids, laughing out loud and having a right hoot - but we weren't the only ones. The place was full of lots of couples and groups all in similar situations, having a great time.

Several drinks and about four hours later we left and met up with friends for drinks. We popped into a pub in Covent Garden and had a laugh before running for the last tube home.

All in all, an awesome weekend.

Now time to cook dinner - anyone fancy coming round for roast lamb? I'll set a place for you.


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  1. Wow that was a great weekend, happy anniversary and good luck with your little gem


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