Monday, 16 May 2016

Buda, Buda, Buda Pest - Four Girls, One Trip

If ever you need to go on holiday to completely let your hair down, throw out the rule book and not throw all your money away with it, I would definitely recommend going to Budapest! I went with three friends recently and had such a blast that I have been recommending it to everyone I've spoken to, and now I want to show you why, so grab a cuppa and see for yourself.

We were there for three nights and managed to fit in a mix of sightseeing, walking around the city and exploring on our own, visiting multiple bars and restaurants and then also partying away the night in some of the clubs. It was just what the doctor ordered as I think all four of us were in need of a blow out for one reason or another, and Buda, or Pest in particular didn't disappoint. 

OK, so start from the beginning. We flew by Whizz Air, I'd never heard of them before, but the flights were cheap, the only down side is that you did have to pay for cabin baggage in the overhead (cheek!) but if you were able to fit it under thereat in front of you, it was free. It forced us to pack light in any case, and actually we all still came away with things we didn't wear. 

We stayed in an Air B&B and Noemi was a great hostess, the apartment was clear and sufficient with everything we needed, and was in an amazing location just down the road from Simpla Kert, the most popular ruin bar in Budapest which meant we were in a really popular part of town.

On the Friday when we landed we dumped our bags and headed straight back out the door to explore and get some food - (4am wake ups are never fun). One thing we learnt, never order a glass of wine whilst you're in Budapest, they are awful portions, it's like half of a small glass of wine over here and it's not worth the money when the bottles are so cheap! Aside from that beer and wine generally were the cheapest things to drink wherever you went, but spirits were still fairly cheap and they free pour which is always convenient. 

The general architecture of the city was beautiful, a real mix of pre-war building, multiple ruined and dilapidated buildings and then brand new structures right next to it which was totally juxtaposed to everything else on the street. We stayed on the Pest side of the city which was full of bars, restaurants and clubs, and is where we spent most of our time exploring, from St Stephens Basilica which had amazing views of the city, and Hero Square, which was also stunning. 

We did venture over to the Buda side too, we hopped on the tour bus (turns out they are freezing up on the top deck and drive too fast for you to actually take any decent pictures that don't have lampposts ruining your shots) and visited Buda Castle and then wondered back down and over Chain Bridge. If I went back again (which I 100% think I would) I would go and see more of the Buda side of the city though. It was so steep, with lots of side streets and and random twists and turns, you could probably spend your whole day wondering down and filling your camera with interesting shots. 

Everything we did was interspersed with pit stops in one bar or another too, when he alcohol is that cheap and the sun is shining, it would be rude not to obviously, so we did get to see a lot of bars.  We visited Simplika every day too, starting every night there because it was so close to our apartment, and then heading off to various other parts of town, to other ruin bars, clubs and pool parties even. Wherever we went there were tons of Stag and Hen parties too, who knew that Budapest was such a popular spot for them? Well now you do, and its totally because the alcohol is cheap and there is so much fun to be had in and around the city. Even if you are visiting the pubs / bars, they are all ruin bars which means they have weird structures and still have the cavernous feel which just adds to the magic of it all and encourages you to let your hair down. 

Apart from drinking in the various bars around town, we also went to a nightclub named Hello Baby, it was the only R&B club in the city, so worth a go if you're into that, and we had also bought tickets to a pool party on the Saturday. All I can say is it was an experience, it was like partying in a jacuzzi with lots of drunk and horny people. The plan was to go on to another club after that too, but by the time it kicked out, we all looked like drowned rats, despite all the good intentions at the start of the evening. 

All I can say is Budapest is now officially one of my favourite getaways, cheap, cheerful and full of fun and interesting things to see, Budapest, you will be missed, but we will be back, somehow I feel like we only just scratched the surface! 

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