Sunday 29 May 2016

Friends, Birthdays and Too Much Love

The past few weeks have been full of birthday celebrations, which has meant it's been pretty hectic, and I've been jumping from one event to the next but it's also meant I've had the chance to spend my time with some of my favourite people in the world and it's been amazing.

I've seen everyone so much recently and I feel closer to them than ever, and as most of us are celebrating the last year of our twenties, there has been a real sense of celebration and friendship, perhaps more so than before. I'm not saying we've all been going crazy either, far from it, but it feels like each birthday brings with it new possibilities, and a sense of hope and dreaming of what the next year will bring before we turn 30. 

Because most of us all met at uni, when we were just starting out in the world on our own,  there has also been a sense of looking back over the last decade, seeing how far we've come and changed, or not as the case may be.

So, because it's been so much fun, I thought I'd show you some of the things we've been up to, from lunch and dinners to nights out. Notice how happy all the birthday girls and guys are, and I love each and every one of them. 

Vic's birthday set the tone of 2016 birthdays

Say cheese

To my wifey's birthday where she had a house warming to celebrate getting on the property ladder before 29

Romping in Romford should definitely be a TV programme #brainwave 

Kiran's celebrations at Ping Pong, although we didn't take snaps, she looks stunning overtime I see her, see for yourself

Sandy is one of the sexiest girls I know and she rocked her red birthday dress when we went for cocktails and pizza in Covent Garden, two of our favourite things, and she wowed in her red birthday dress...

Zee's went for a gorgeous lunch at the Ivy Cafe which was everything the doctor ordered, including the best desserts (I'm doing a separate post on this)

Pooch got everyone together for a birthday dinner with friends and family. The smile on her face tells you how many of her birthday wishes have come true...

Vee finally celebrated his birthday after having a few years off the grid and picked a bar in Bank which left us all partying the night away until gone 4, and resulted in me having one of the worst hangovers ever the next day

Raj, the smoothest of the smooth took it classy and sophisticated for his James Bond themed 30th birthday house party. To say everyone was on point was an understatement, look at how suave and sophisticated the birthday boy is

And to finish it off there was Lou's awesome night of dancing and too many good tunes

That gives you a bit of an insight into some of what I've been up to lately anyway, so many birthdays and so many friends that I've loved spending every second around. There is nothing like being with your friends when life gives you lemons because these guys cut them up, add them to the vodka and lemonade and hit the dance floor. 

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