Sunday 31 August 2014

My month in pictures - August 2014

Where on earth is this year going? Can't believe August is over and we're now into September, it's crazy.

Anyway, here's a snap shot of my month, filled with friends, food and everything in between. Happy Sunday! 


Sunday 24 August 2014

Wedding Season

If August had to be summarised in one word, it would be weddings. There has been four this month and even though we couldn't make it to all of them due to clashes it has been so much fun joining in on our friends' special days.

So raise your glass with me to the happy couples.


Sunday 17 August 2014

Witness the fitness

OK, I totally need to update you guys on my fitness progress. 

For those of you that don't know, at the start of the year I decided to take my workouts a bit more seriously. My goal was to train properly, harder, more frequently and ultimately to see results. I set myself two objectives to help me reach the target I had in mind and hit the first one in Feb so treated myself to some new kicks. 

Five months on and its taken me ages to reach my second goal, or much longer than I'd have hoped anyway, but I'm so happy that I've now totally smashed it. I went away on holiday and I have no idea whether it was the lack of stress, the switch up to my workout routine or the change of diet but I came back tanned, lighter and with a much flatter stomach. It must be true what they say about the French ladies diets and even better, I've been able to lose even more in the month following. 

The truth is, from when I started this little journey, which has now turned into a slight obsession, I've lost over a stone and a half in weight and over 27 inches from my body. It goes without saying that I am made up about it! I can finally see results and I feel lighter, healthier, fitter, my clothes feel better and I definitely look a lot better naked! The one thing I didn't really expect though (prepare for an over-share) is that my boobs would shrink so much. I mean they are still there but just smaller. And as a plus, they have evened out a bit; it's a running joke amongst my friends at the size difference I had from one boob to the other! Every cloud and all that!

Anyway, my treat for reaching this next goal was to treat myself to something special and as Dan and I have some time off in October, we booked a nice week long holiday to Halkidiki. The weather will still be warm (fingers crossed the weather predictor stays accurate) and it will be so nice to just get away and spend some time together. We feel like we're always so busy at the moment that we actually don't get that much time to just 'be', so I can't wait. The other great thing is that I'm no longer going to be worried about not feeling good in my bikini. 

Roll on October!


Sunday 10 August 2014

Cheesecake Brownies

Total, overindulgent dessert post alert. Warning - if you have a sweet tooth you will get tempted to try these yourselves.


Sunday 3 August 2014

My month in pictures - July 2014

This month has been awesome. No two ways about it. 

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