Sunday 15 March 2015

Burger It: Chuck Burger Bar, Hatch End

How often is it you go off searching somewhere new without actually exploring what is right on your doorstep? I've explored my local town obviously, but the town right next door - not so much; and who knew that a hop, skip and a jump (or a two min car drive) down the road we'd find a great little Burger joint to tuck into on a Friday night? Whattsup Chuck?

Chuck was buzzing on Friday night when Dan and I rocked up about 8pm ready to feed our burger cravings. So busy in fact we had to wait 20 mins for a table, so stood at the tiny bar area and had a good catch up seeing as we hadn't seen each other all week. Although their cocktail menu looked amazing, I had a yearning for rum and ginger whilst Dan was on the soft drinks, nursing a hangover. 

When we got a table and ordered, the food came really quick. Dan had a Cheeseburger with all the trimmings and I went for a bit of spice with the Devil Burger. In truth, the Devil Burger wasn't that spicy (Jalapenos on their own don't do it for me that much), but with a helping hand from the array of condiments on offer, it did the job!

We were asked how we liked our burgers cooked (medium rare - you never want your burger anything over medium rare as it loses the flavour of the meat) and the chefs did a good job at delivering what we asked for. 

The only thing that let these burgers down - the soggy bums. I think the burger baps need to be a bit thicker at the bottom as each time I picked it up (yes I'm a pick it up and shove it in kinda girl, no cutlery needed) my hands were covered in grease, so we ended up going through quite a few napkins. 

Full, but with eyes bigger than our bellies we ordered the Chuck Dessert special; Chocolate Fondant which was delicious and well worth the 10 minute wait. It was really rich and decadent, as any melting pudding should be to give a good, strong burst of flavour, and it was divine! I'd definitely recommend this dessert!

Overall Chuck was a great little spot, full to bursting and with loud and colourful atmosphere (at some points Dan and I were struggling to hear ourselves over the music as we were sat next to the speakers) but it was Friday night and we just wanted to let our hair down which this certainly did. 

The staff were great and really friendly too, so if you ever are in the outer skirts of North West London (just further on than Harrow) then check out Chuck, you won't be disappointed! 


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