Sunday 29 June 2014

My month in pictures - June 2014

June is always a month that flies by. The sun comes out, the days get longer and we start having much more fun. So here's a snapshot of some of the things I got up to. Some healthy eating and not so healthy eating, dancing with mum, silly selfies and a night at the Royal Albert Hall to watch a live orchestra accompaniment to Star Trek.

Happy Summertime!  

Sunday 22 June 2014

School of Life

Do you ever have times when it seems like everyone else has the answers you're still busy searching for? Like you're always one step behind? Well a friend and I had been feeling a bit like that recently so we set off in search of answers. And, where better to start the search than The School of Life?


Sunday 15 June 2014

Thai night in

Sometimes there is nothing better than a night in with the girls. It's the perfect antidote for when you're just having one of those weeks and just need to let your hair down and laugh your ass off. Well, that was me recently and this is my recipe for success on a Saturday night; it's the perfect mix of homemade Green Thai Curry, bubbles, dressing up and jumping on the bed. 


Sunday 8 June 2014

Pizza at the Piazza

OK. You know those memories you have that you just wish you could relive over and over? 

Mine is four years ago last January when Dan and I went to Venice. It was freezing cold, I'm talking wearing tights under jeans cold and feeling that bliss of warm air every time we stepped inside a coffee shop. The trip was to celebrate our second anniversary despite having hardly any money to our names, and it was one of the best experiences ever. 


Sunday 1 June 2014

My month in pictures - May 2014

As usual, here's a look back at my last month, lunch with mi madre, a show at the Royal Albert Hall, the largest pizza I've ever seen and fresh summer strawbs to name but a few.  

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