Sunday 15 June 2014

Thai night in

Sometimes there is nothing better than a night in with the girls. It's the perfect antidote for when you're just having one of those weeks and just need to let your hair down and laugh your ass off. Well, that was me recently and this is my recipe for success on a Saturday night; it's the perfect mix of homemade Green Thai Curry, bubbles, dressing up and jumping on the bed. 

Now, to clarify, despite loving the cuisine, I've never actually made Thai before, so I was really excited to give it a go but was aware I had a tough crowd as all the girls coming over had been to Thailand and raved about the food. Yikes!

I adapted the recipe from Lorraine Pascales Cooking Made Easy cook book. There was a bit of chopping, courgettes and green beans (the recipe says aubergine and peas but I went for my fave combo), chillies and then added a couple of Kaffir Lime leaves.

I cut the chicken into strips and then began adding the ingredients to the pan. First in went the curry paste, then the chicken, coconut milk and water. Then the veg, fish sauce and the chillies and I whacked up the heat to boil the curry down a bit. 
Whilst this was going on I also put on the Jasmine rice. Want to know a tip I learnt? If you're cooking Jasmine rice and want it to be sticky, then boil the water before you put the rice in! It works a treat.

Isn't it funny when you invite people round you always end up congregating in the kitchen? Even when its as small as mine! I wonder why?

We were all starving having saved ourselves up for this all day so we nibbled at some spiced prawn crackers and mango chutney, whilst we were chatting. 

In total the curry took about 30 minutes to cook and filled the kitchen with such a delicious smell. So, when it was done I turned down the heat and served up some yummy Vegetable Spring Rolls with a generous helping of Sweet Chilli Sauce for starters. I even stood them up to make it look a little more dramatic! 

Then it was time for the Piece de resistance (sorry, can't work out how to add the accents on this thing) as I bought in the curry and rice. Mmm mmm. It was so tasty! And topped off perfectly with a good tipple of the pink bubbly stuff.

After we'd all filled out boots on dinner we took to the bed to look at random stuff on the computer. We had the flat to ourselves and started innocently enough, sprawled out on the bed watching videos and laughing our asses off… 

But then we put on some old faithfuls, whacked up the volume and had a boogie. A boogie which soon escalated into trying to recreate dance routines, dressing up and jumping on the bed. You know when you just totally cut loose and have a blast. That's exactly what this was. A night of good food, good friends and a bloody good time! I wish every night could be like this!


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