Monday 2 May 2016

How I'm Making The Most of the Bank Holiday

Does anyone else feel like this Bank Holiday has just crept up out of nowhere? I don't know whether its because everything is so busy that we just didn't realise, or maybe the fact that its been snowing in the UK this week has something to do with us not realising its now the 1st of May! Either way, it wasn't until answering the usual 'what are your plans for the Bank Holiday?' question that I realised I didn’t actually have any. Usually this would totally freak me out, but what has transpired is a fab weekend of lots of opportunities; who knew not making plans didn't mean you would end up doing nothing, but that you'd make the most of opportunities that presented themselves? 

If you know me at all from reading the blog, you may realise I am a planner. I have a plan for everything, from what to wear the next day, to what I'm going to have for dinner that week, to where I want my life to go, its just not in my nature to whim, but thats exactly what this weekend is shaping up to be, and I’m loving it. A couple of texts to see who's about and I've got a fab long weekend of seeing friends and family, whilst also dedicating time to sort some life admin I wanted to get out the way, and finishing editing the book Dan and I have written. Editing the book was the first 30 day challenge I set myself at the start of April, and I am so buzzing that I was able to do it. I have completed edited every single page, amending, tweaking and re-reading, all within a month. That may seem easy, but trust me, you have to focus and find time to dedicate to it, which on top of everything else going on can be difficult, so I'm psyched it's done. Now it's on to the next part...pulling together a strategy for outreaching to publishers, sending in experts and writing the premise in a way that will get everyone snapping our hands off, obviously! Watch this space world, we’re getting it out there!

This weekend has got me thinking too though, today is the 1st May, and so cue for me to start my next 30 day challenge, however I’m going to change my next 30 day challenge. Before iI had planned (there it is again - that word!) on going pescatarian, which is something that actually really scares me because I love meat, and I think I'm setting myself up for a fall with that one, so instead I'm going to change it, to make myself whim, or at least say yes to something I would usually say no to, every single day. I'm not going to plan my month, instead I'm going to approach each day with open mindedness that may mean I get out my own way for a change and let others get me off my own beaten track, or that I decide on the day that I have no plans so I’m going to dedicate it to X. I'm not saying that I won't plan outfits or food, obviously, but I'm going to totally not plan days as I would have before and just see what comes of them. The good thing about this one is that I'm not setting myself up for a fall either. Usually when I have a plan and something goes wrong, it's a sure fire way to put me in a bad mood, but this way, its all about rolling with the punches and that means no getting upset. Instead I'm going to throw my open-mindedness out there and see what comes back. Lesson learnt from today, it's pretty bloody fun!

Now that I'm not having to put myself on what would probably be the worst diet ever for me, I'm really looking forward to May, the sun is shining and it feels like everything is possible. I'm really hoping that all the ups and downs of April disappear and that May really is the month of opportunities and possibilities. Let’s be having it! 


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