Sunday 21 September 2014

Week from hell, weekend from heaven

You know when you have one of those weeks. The ones where you're constantly tired, can't seem to fit enough in the day and as a result your 'resting face' is as bad as grumpy cats. 
Pic courtesy of and American Idol
Well, that's been me this week. We had a busy weekend last week, up in Aberystwyth for my aunts 50th which was great fun, but getting stuck in traffic on the way back to London meant a delightful 7 hr journey which meant going into Monday already exhausted.  Then it was up early for the 7am gym sessions and a busy week at work. All in all it meant I have safeguarded this weekend with my life. Avoided making any plans and dreaming about lazy Sunday morning lay ins. And that is exactly what happened, Dan and I had a totally selfish time and it has been so much fun. 

Here is why this weekend was just what the doctor ordered (and a cheesy pic of me and Dan, just because…)
  • It started off with a good girly catch up on Friday night which helped turn my frown upside down and actually break a smile
  • I've worked on lots of bits for my blog - keep an eye out, all will be revealed soon
  • We took a stroll into town and stopped at our local coffee shop. What more could you want than delicious, rich hot chocolate and cookies for lunch?
  • Neither of us set any alarms at all, which meant lots of time snuggled up with our pillows
  • Made a fab Coq au Vin (if I do say so myself) which I may even post a blog about later, because it was a big hit with both me and Dan. Definitely one of my best cooking results yet!
  • Caught up on several hours of Scandal - if you've not started watching this show yet, do so immediately! 
  • Finally, and this is a bit lame I confess, caught up on all the odd jobs and life admin that needed to be done, so now we can rest easy for the rest of the day
It makes such a difference when you put a pause on things. To stop doing what you're supposed to and do what you want to - so make sure you always take this time, if not this weekend then next. It's good for the soul, the frown lines and the under eye bags - I promise. 

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