Sunday 21 August 2016

Flowers For A Fiver at Columbia Road Flower Market

When your mum comes down to London for the weekend, there are much worse things you can do than take her to Columbia Road Flower Market, that's for sure. Every type of seasonal flower you could imagine lines the streets and it's a feast for all the senses. 

Colours, smells and the hum off cockney accents and cheeky banter line the streets to greet you as you arrive at the market. On both sides of the road the markets all line up, showing their best bunches and bargains as if peacocks showing off their feathers in order to entice you in and get you to part with your cash. And that's the hardest bit, knowing when to step away and say no, as you could spend an absolute fortune at the Flower Market. 

'Flowers for a fiver' must be the most commonly used phrase up and down the market, you can get so many different bunches, and mix and match until your hearts content, and although reasonably priced it's easy to get caught up in it, wanting a little bit of everything. The good thing about going this time was that we were really early, ready to go by the time the market kicked into full swing at 8am, and it meant that unlike when you're there later in the day, you're not constantly playing a game of human bumper cars to navigate your way through. 

This morning it was fairly quiet and relaxed, with lots of regulars and newbies there to take in the sights and pick their flowers for the week ahead. We were also really lucky with the weather as it was cool and dry, the last thing you want at the market is to dodge brollies as well as flowers hoisted onto someones shoulder. 

I mean they even had baby pineapples...seriously, look at it!

I love coming to the Flower Market, and the fact its seasonal, means you often see different or new flowers which means you get to try something different for a change. Set with our purchases we also explored further afield popping down some of the side streets and cafes to see what was on offer. That's what I love about markets in London, there is so much more to see that what you first expect and it constantly surprises and delights.


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