Sunday 20 April 2014

Good Burgers mean a Good Friday

Good Friday wouldn't be great without one very important thing. A nice lie in, good breakfast and a big, fat juicy burger. OK, that's way more than one thing, and the burger is completely optional, but as a personal preference they are all equally important and necessary to a very good day. And Dan having a rare bank holiday off work meant all were possible. Happy days! 

In search for the perfect burger, we went into Carnaby Street (fast becoming one of my have parts of London) and before we knew where our feet were taking us, we ended up at Kua'aina. A Hawaiian inspired burger joint complete with beach hut inspired interior and with a yellow exterior which makes you feel like you're in your own little sunshine paradise. 

We were shown downstairs by one of the staff in Hawaiian shirts and ordered some drinks as we sat down. 

The menu is really simple in Kua'aina. You get a choice of burgers, toasted sandwiches or pancakes and all come with many varieties and toppings. 

I've been here a couple of times before (the last time almost a year to the day actually) and chowed down on their Avocado burger - mmmhhhmmm. 

But this time I went for traditional cheeseburger - single not double. That's the other thing about this place, you can super size your burger, but trust me, unless you have an incredibly big appetite, the single will suffice!

Dan ordered the same and we got a mix of sweet potato and regular fries as sides before the waitress left us to our own devises, which meant getting snap happy with phones and cameras. 

I love the venue, it's so small and the tables are squeezed together really tightly but they have made fab use of the space and I love all the pictures and drawings on the walls. 

Not to mention, the food. The burgers here are some of the best I've ever had. They all come medium rare unless you specify otherwise (but why would you?) and are topped with onion and lettuce. You also get a random carrot accompaniment. I'm never sure why, but what the heck, it's good to help encourage veg with every meal. 

Our food came just as it started to get really busy and there was a really good vibe of laughter and a couple of Spanish girls gossiping away to our left which just gave a brilliant buzz to the place. 

After an hour or so we left, satisfied and ready to face the rest of Friday. 

What did you get up to this Good Friday?


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