Sunday 25 May 2014

Bills, Bills, Bills

Yes, the title suggests a popular Destiny's Child song that's still a regular on many of my iPod playlists, but it's also one of my favourite little spots for a good breakfast…or any other meal for that matter. 

Which is exactly why Dan and I stopped by for a bit of lunch after a bit of a shopping session (I'll show you what I got in my next post).

I love the decor in Bills; simple and slightly rustic with that 'make yourself at home' charm. We sat by the windows at Bills Westfields, enjoying the sun shining through but sheltering from the wind. Without even looking at the menu I ordered a Hibiscus Fizz and Dan got a Chocolate Brownie Milkshake big enough to serve as lunch all by itself. 

The Hibiscus Fizz is always my go to drink at Bills. I think it's their signature, sparkling wine with elderflower and a frozen blackberry. Simple but delicious. I like to stick my fork in the glass and press the fruit (classy lady me) to let the flavours burst, turning my drink a beautiful pink fizzy number.  

Now, I'm also shamed to admit that I also have a go-to dish every time I come here. I have deviated once or twice, but if I'm here for breakfast I'll usually always have Eggs Florentine, and for lunch, the Chicken Skewers with couscous. The reason - it's light, healthy and doesn't leave me wanting to unbutton my jeans as soon as I finish. Plus I love the charcoaled chicken taste, scrummy with a side of mint yogurt dip and a slice of lemon. 

The burgers are damn good here too. Despite the kitchen not being able to cook them any rarer than medium, they are juicy, succulent and melt in the mouth. So Dan opted for one of their cheese burgers - I have no idea how he managed it along with that shake, but he did. Although he had some help with his chips of course.

It was the perfect little rest bite before we picked up our bags and headed back out! 


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