Sunday 7 December 2014

Christmas with the girls 2014

Christmas dinner with the girls is starting to become an annual tradition and it's one of my favourites. 

Yesterday nine of us gathered round the table at Kilburn and tucked into a feast. We had it all, two chickens, potatoes, roasted an steamed veg, mini sausages cooked with mustard and honey. I could eat it all again just thinking about it. 

I do need to give the dues to Sharna though. Queen of the kitchen, she ensured everyone had enough food to go around and timed the cooking to perfection. I confess I tried to help but may have got under her feet slightly. It's true what they say, two cooks in the kitchen together leads to both drinking Proseco! What? That's not a saying, well it is now!

And to show just how much fun we had, here's a sneak peek of the four hours it took to prepare my first Christmas dinner of 2014. Complete with a stuck oven, several bottles of plonk, Secret Santa and gingerbread-house-building competition.

But aside from the cooking there was a lot of time to pose for some selfies and pull some crackers, before we got stuck into the feast.

Some of the gifts may have gone a bit wayward too.

And then it was time for Secret Santa. This may be one  of my favourite parts, the giving and the guessing is so much fun. 

Although, sometimes its so obvious, especially when you get Jem, which I did this year. I don't know anyone else that wraps their presents as beautifully, or with such precision, she is just so 'put together' always, this little gift could't of been from anyone else. It was a pretty awesome gift though. 

She got me loads for the £10 budget: the tea bags I've been harping on about for ages, Zoe Griffins Get Rich Blogging book which I'm going to get stuck into straight away, a jar of Mojito jelly, which yes, does include rum. One way to spice up boring toast! Plus a chillout kit in a matchbox which smells divine. One mini bar of bath melt, which is exactly as it sounds and lazy days oil which requires one partner to apply and massage generously! Happy days for me! 

After all the craziness of Santa, it was then on to the gingerbread competition. Which, to be honest did feel a bit like school all over again; picking sides (although at least this was out of a hat). Poor old me didn't get picked so they dubbed me 'floater'....not a nice image for anyone. So, instead I nominated myself as official competition photographer and the ladies can't blame me for these snaps.

To the victors the spoils...

And to the losers, well, your head on a stick if this pic of Sharna is anything go by! Who knew it could get so competitive?!

After all the fun I'm now well and truly in the festive spirit and with less than 20 days to go, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas for sure! 

Do you have dinner parties with your friends before heading home for the festive season? If so, do you have any other ideas we can throw into the mix for next year?


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