Sunday 4 September 2016

Birthday Treats at Bourne and Hollingsworth

If you're looking for a good birthday spot for either yourself or a (female) loved one, I'd highly recommend Bourne & Hollingsworth in Farringdon. Having been twice, once for a boozy birthday brunch, and most recently for a birthday dinner, it's an ideal birthday treat!

I should explain that when I say it's a great place to take a female loved one, it's not because guys can't or don't eat there, but it is a rather feminine restaurant, it's the perfect 'Ladies That Lunch' spot at the weekend, and it generally does just have a much more feminine vibe about the place. Don't worry though there always men there, it's just not the place i'd recommend taking them for their birthdays....yours on the other hand, jump to it guys! 

If you are planning a bit of a brunch, then their menu is great - I am a big fan of their pancakes, or smocked salmon and scrambled eggs, and their boozy belleni's are just as strong the first time round as the last, but they do put a hard stop anthem at 4pm, so if you get a later reservation, because it can be hard to get a table, get drinking!!

For dinner, it's also a really delicious and light menu, and their signature cocktails go down a treat too. I took my mum the other week for her birthday as it's such a nice airy, and green spot, that I knew it would be somewhere she enjoyed (brownie points for me). 

We had an earlyish dinner, arriving for 6:30, and because we'd been out all day and not really eaten since breakfast, we were rather hungry when we sat down. So we ordered two cocktails, a B&H take on a Cosmopolitan for me and Gin based one for mum. 

We're also both fans of goats cheese, so we ordered the Goats Cheese Tart to share, which came with beetroot, which isn't something I'd usually be up for giving a go, but with the light fluffy tart, the beetroot actually worked really well. Who knew? 

For mains, I ummed and ahhed for ages, but settled on my old faithful choice of Steak, where as my mum went for the Cod Cheeks, which looked delicious. For anyone that doesn't know what cod cheeks are, see below, mum is a big fan of scallops and she thinks these might have been a bit better, a bit more meatier, so if you're a fan, definitely give these a go if they're on a menu. 

My steak was cooked to perfection, delicious on the tongue, but as can often be the case with these things, always looks rather dull on a plate, so it's not the best for taking blog snaps as you can see...

For dessert we shared again, opting for the white chocolate and dark chocolate mousses, and OMG this was unlike anything I've ever really tasted. They came with lavender biscuits and the mouses themselves were infused, the white chocolate was light and fluffy, and with hint of salted caramel, and the dark chocolate was rich and had hints of lavender, great on their own, but when you put them on a spoon together...ding ding ding, you have a winner! I'm glad we shared though as I think this could have been a bit sickly, if you had a whole one to yourself.

All in all we left content and full, but not overly stuffed, and my mum was keen to recommend it to people she know too, so as I say, definitely one to keep in your back pocket should you want a nice treat. 


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