Sunday 11 September 2016

Why September Is The Perfect #UpgradeSeason

I read an incredibly interesting article recently that, along with the head space I was in at the time, encouraged me to treat September as a new start, just like you would as a kid, when September signals the start of a new school year.

The article I read was in this weeks issue of Grazia, entitled The Year Starts Now and talks about how starting now, and retaining the old habits of childhood may be a better way to go, because in January everyone feels depleted and miserable, and now is quite a good time to restart as the seasons start to change and people start to nest ahead of Christmas chaos. I read this, having already been chatting to a friend about starting a new chapter of their life, and along with being in a foreign country, something clicked within me. 

What are we waiting for? I look back at the last few new years, the plans and promises I wistfully make in the promise of 'this year being better than the last', 'bettering myself' and making myself promises which I never quite get round to. Well, that's since changed. After reading this article and being inspired by my friend, who has been through a horrendous time lately and is coming back fighting, as well as meeting some interesting people over the last few weeks, I decided to do exactly that, and JFDI this September...and the rest of this year. 

So far, this month I have travelled to Poland, a country I've never visited before (tick), tried and learnt to cook Perogi, and started a French beginners course. As a result I feel so inspired to keep going. Believe me, I know it's going to be hard, and adding learning French to my already chocka schedule will be a challenge, but actually that's when I'm at my best. 

It's such a refreshing idea to start a-fresh in September, I totally buy into the concept, just like Dolly Alderton (who wrote the Grazia article), I think there is something in investing in yourself in September, so that when it comes to the new year and people are getting their bums into gear, and planning to upgrade their lives, you've already had four months to get into the swing of things, and should have been able to turn it into a habit. All of this is proof that September is the perfect #UpgradeSeason, so when you start to think about settling inside, the weather gets a bit crap (in the UK anyway), maybe start thinking about what you could start now, that would make a big difference to you by Christmas / January and how much better off you could be, if you just start now. 

It's exhilarating learning and trying new things, it totally pushes you out of your comfort zone and one of the things I'm most happy about is that I've actually met some really nice people along the way. It can actually be really hard to make new friends in the city, and actually doing something off you down back, taking a class, or learning a new skill is a great way of putting yourself out there with other like minded people. Just remember everyone is as nervous as you, and by January you'll be so proud of how far you've come, or int he worst case, be able to rule something out because you've tried it and it's not right, so you try something else. So give it a go and upgrade yourself this season!

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