Sunday 4 January 2015

Happy New Year!

I'm putting it out there - 2014 was a pretty good year overall. Not denying that there were some lows, but for me, last year was all about making the best of situations, living in the moment and getting sh*t done. 

That being said I am even more excited about 2015! If last years moto was JFDI (just f**king do it), then this year is all about PMA (positive mental attitude) and I intend to start as I mean to go on.
Ooh, look at the reflection whilst I gaze into my future. Deep
There are four things that I achieved last year which I am actually really proud of and think that they deserve a shout out as it took me almost a year to achieve. 

1. I started my blog. On 14th January I wrote my first small post, I was so nervous and hitting the publish button for the very first time definitely took a lot of courage. It felt quite exposing. It also gave me such a profound respect for bloggers; to constantly generate content and put it out there for others to enjoy isn't easy. And it's so sad when people are judged badly for this. 

2. Stuck to my fitness goals. I set myself two targets with the same end goal really, to reach my idealistic weight and get my ass to the gym regularly. Most people probably have this goal, but I was fed up of not sticking to it, and more importantly having to start the whole fitness thing back at square one again - it sucks. And last year I did it. I got within 1 lb of my intended weight, (I blame the Christmas boozing and my easily swayed mind in December) and made it to the gym four times a week on average. What did come as a surprise was how easily and quickly I fell in love with it. It really is addictive once you start giving it your all and I'm going bigger and better this year!

3. Making more time for mine and Dan's relationship. Dan and I both made a conscious effort this year, not necessarily doing anything above and beyond or any grand gestures, but just being more considerate and its made such a difference. Being such a solid team also means that when life gets stressful or sad, you have someone in your corner to prop you up, which makes all the difference. Plus, Dan gives the bets hugs that make almost anything better. 

What a pair of beauts! 
4. My attitude to life in general. No more excuses, no more 'maybe tomorrow' or talking myself out of anything that would be a good idea. It's been about getting up, lacing up and having a go, whether that's with the gym, blogging, the book that Dan and I are writing or just putting myself out there in general. It's surprising how exhausting making excuses is and it's so liberating when you stop. 

Now, it's about looking forward to the year ahead. My new resolutions are just to do what I'm doing now, but better. I want to be more cultured. I want to see more places, discover new things and keep learning. So, here's to looking forward to next year and diving in with both feet! 


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