Sunday 16 August 2015

5 Tips On How To Focus On Your Ambition

Ambition is one of the most attractive qualities of a person. It shows determination, get-up-and-go, and a strive to better yourself / situation. But as we all get caught up with the hum-drum of life, it's easy to push aside our deepest ambitions to fit in with the crowd, or tell ourselves, 'it can wait, let's live in the moment instead'. 

Both are valid reasons when you consider the here and now is a much more exciting place than planning for the future may seem, but really we're in life for the long game so doesn't it make sense to channel and compartmentalise your ambitions into manageable chunks? Believe it or not, it's not an all or nothing gig, so as long as you're always moving in the right direction - you my friend are doing alright. 

If you are struggling to marry both your ambition and thoughts of 'sod it let's live in the moment' though; here are some pointers which may help you out.

1. Don't overload yourself with other peoples ambitions
You may see all your friends saving up for travelling, or your family may have made it their dream for you to achieve something in particular, but the fact your not sure you want that is totally OK! I'm not talking when you're young and too impressionable to actually realise what's good grounding and common sense, verses what you actually want out of life; but I am talking about realising when you want to make your own mark in the world. The fact we're all cut from different cloths is exciting and something to be proud of, so stand out from the crowd and realise your own dreams!

2. Work out what your ambitions actually are and set yourself realistic targets of when you want to achieve them by
Hold the phone, did you know that not everything has to be achieved whilst your twenty or thirty something, and not everything has to happen at once? Astounding! This actually allows you to think bigger than you may have thought, you may have a plan for retirement, or see yourself jacking in your job in 10 years to travel the world, whatever it is, spend time working out what you really want out of life and be realistic with timings. 

3. Focus on the things you can control
It may well be your ambition to have kids by a certain age, travel the world by 40, buy your dream house etc, but each and all of those things rely on external factors that you can't actually control, so break it down into the chunks you can control, and focus on them. If your ambition is to buy a house, right now with the economic climate the way it is, that may be a way off, so focus on what you can do and make your goal to save up your 10% deposit!

4. Enjoy and mark the small steps towards achieving your ambition
Whatever your ambition is, it's going to require some effort, right. It's not about just getting up in the morning, it's about having a strategy of how you're going to achieve something and that may take a while; so identify and mark the small milestones along the way that will help you achieve your ultimate goal. If it's losing weight, remember the feeling of success after your first workout, and your first couple of pounds lost; if its buying a car, that saving has to start somewhere and how exciting to see it all build up. Whatever it is, it won't happen over night.

5. Don't worry if things go wrong sometimes
Whether it's down to you or external factors, chances are not everything you want will go exactly to plan. Unexpected events are likely to occur, but you're a rationale person, you know that, so make allowances and cut yourself some slack. It may actually be the things that get in your way are supposed to happen to put you on the right track for something else. Nothing in this world is perfect, and you have to enjoy the journey, just make sure you get there in the end!

Keep dreaming people, it gives you something to chase in life and there's nothing sweeter than when you catch them!

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