Wednesday 12 August 2015

A discovered beauty: Montjoi, France

One of my favourite things to do when I'm away, is to go exploring. Especially when we come down to see Dan's parents in the south of France. His mum is always suggesting new places we haven't been before and I love it. Especially when you find somewhere that is so cute and quaint that you just know the 'real world' hasn't had its chance to spoil it yet. 

Well, I say the real world, what I mean is that mass tourism hasn't tainted it yet. The real world has definitely left its mark on Montjoi, (translated to Mount Joy). An ancient fortified citadel of the 13th Century, the place was almost a ruin up until 30 years ago, but has gone through extensive restoration, with beautiful results. Broken bricks have been filled in with stones and all sorts which sounds silly but has left some gorgeous exteriors that were well worth a visit. 

So, one partly sunny, partly overcast afternoon we went for a trip up there, walking around this gorgeous little village. With no shops or custom to mention apart from one restaurant and some art galleries which open only in the summer, it only took us 20 minutes or so to walk around but it was a beautiful site to see. 

I can't explain the colourful cows, but really I think they're just for fun, and to add some colour and vibrancy.

Next time round if the sun shines brighter I think it would be well worth taking a picnic and bottle of bubbles to enjoy overlooking the valley of the Séoune.


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