Sunday 13 September 2015

My Five Year Life Plan

About five years ago I made a plan. That plan involved my career and moving to London (with others thrown in along the way) and fortunately enough I made my dreams a reality, but now it's time to think about carving out the next chapter.
Carving,,,,and me in a tree, get it?

I know I did a similar post here, but that was much more ambiguous where as this is literally about mapping out my next five years. I watched a Ted Talk recently following advice from a friend and it got me thinking about what I want the next few years to be like. I admit it threw me a bit at first, where on earth do you even start? But after several cups of tea, I managed to come up with some core ideas that will help me define success, for myself.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the main ones. 

Travel Lust List
I never wanted to be that backpacker who left uni and headed off in search of themselves and adventures, instead I was the one who wanted to get that job and create stability to get myself on the ladder. But now I feel I've done that, I want to start seeing the world. I have a list of ten places I want to go to in the next five years, and I'm determined to achieve every single one of them. Keep your eyes peeled too, as all will be reported back on here. 

Blogging Goals
I am so grateful to all of you readers, so many of you from across the world show your support in countries I've never even been too and it really makes me feel humbled to know that you guys are interested in what I have to say, so I want to start doing more. Getting myself out there more so I can relay more information and experiences to you guys as well as trialling new things and offering more advice on stuff. But with all this super cool content I'll be creating, I'm going to need to share it with you more often, so in the not too distant future my posts will increase - I hope you're ready!

Learn New Skills
I know everyone always has these on their lists, but I've got three specific skills I'd love to have under my belt within the next five years and I'm most keen to achieve: to learn another language, do a photography course and get a better understanding of diet and nutrition. I love learning, that sense of achievement and satisfaction you get is so rewarding, and I want to keep expanding my abilities, after all you never know where your path will take you in the future.

Clear Credit Card Debt
This one seems at odds with the first one I know, but at the moment I've been able to halve my credit card debt from a few years ago and I have another 12 months until I've paid it off. I can't wait for that moment, when I can actually then start saving the money I would be paying towards my debt , putting it towards holidays, or for the future - whatever it is, not being beholden to a debt when you can't even remember what it went on will be such an awesome feeling. 

Speak Out
Literally. I would like to speak in a public forum, whether it's being part of a panel, running a lecture or class or even holding court on the Internet somewhere. I think it would terrify me to some extent, but I'd really enjoy it, and I think when you conquer certain fears, it can only help spur you on further to keep achieving. I'm not limiting myself to a topic as yet, as who knows how much would change in a couple of years, but to say I'd done that would be such a rush. 

Let me know if any of these inspire you to map out your next five years, its easier said than done - but now I have, I feel like I have a renewed purpose which makes everything fit into place that bit more. 

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