Sunday 28 February 2016

Completing Fit Feb

A month ago I told you guys I was getting back on the fitness flex after what had become an extended hiatus. The good news I did, and thought I'd update you on how I got on and how it felt.

Firstly, yes I got back in the gym properly, and even ventured out for a run pre-6am in minus degrees. Dedicated! I've also worked out between 4-6 times each week which I'm proud of. It's been hard though, as in really, really hard. I am in such bad shape compared to where I was a year ago and it can get really un-motivating at times, I even tried to do one of my old workouts and couldn't lift anywhere near the weights I used to. I'm talking I've back at baby weights right now. But hey, at least I'm back and I'm taking each day as it comes, lacing up those trainers and getting out there. I have caused myself a few injuries by being too gun-ho straight off the bat, but I'm in a good routine now. 

In terms of what I did in the gym - I've completed the first four weeks of the Kayla Bikini Body Guide workout, and it's been interesting! For me, one of the things I don't like so much about this programme is how frequently the workouts change. It's a new workout three days a week, which you then repeat every other week - so you do the workout twice. You with me? Being that confusing to explain also goes some way to explaining why I don't enjoy that. I know why she's done it, to stop the muscles from getting used to things etc, but I personally like to be able to have a workout, memorise it for a few weeks, see and improvement and then move on. But that's just me. I also don't enjoy working my arms separately either, as I never sweat in the same way from an arm workout. I enjoy the legs and cardio and full body workouts best, but looking at the next set of circuits to come, it seems like that may change with some arm and cardio session which will be good. What I do enjoy is the actual exercises she has you do, and I have started to add some weights into some of them - they definitely get your muscles engaged and working. 

I also had a PT session where I was put through my paces. We did a mix of boxing and lots of leg workouts, and I was definitely sweating buckets by the end, but interesting my doms weren't as bad as I thought they'd be the next day, or even the day after that. He did tell me I wasn't as unfit as I thought I was too, which was nice to hear but I keep comparing where I am now to where I was a year ago, so I can see how far I have to go.

That being said, all in all, I'm happy with the progress of Fit Feb, it wasn't a perfect month, but I've found a routine that works for me and I can fit into my life, and now it's just about making aims for March, and sticking to them. February was about getting back in the game, March is about keeping up what I did in Feb and focussing more on the food side of things. 

Food and fitness go hand in hand if you're trying to improve your appearance, lifestyle and general health as you guys know, and so now I'm in a routine I can maintain with fitness, it's time to add another element into the mix and start putting the right fuels into my body. 

Good job I did lots of reading of healthy books this month, and I have some recipes ready to cook this afternoon to get me set for the week. New month, new challenge. I'm all over this! 


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