Sunday 12 June 2016

Junkyard Golf - London, Shoreditch

Have you ever wanted to play crazy golf amongst loads of junk? Of course you have, who hasn't, I expect that's why the Junkyard Golf pop up in Liverpool Street is doing so well at the moment. 

It's a pop up that's come from Manchester, and taking the concept that everyone loves to hit a few balls about in a weird and unusual setting, the guys behind Junkyard Golf, created a really fun and simple activity for Londoners to get involved in. 

There are three different courses available for you to play, you need to book before you go, and each course costs £9 per person. We were on Frank course, which is the first course you see when you enter downstairs, and it was a great mix of weird and bizarre props set up to make the hitting of the ball into the hole harder and more enjoyable. Like I said, simples, but because no description could do it justice, take a look for yourself. 

There were nine holes in total, and the only rubbish thing is that when there are two of you, it doesn't take very long to complete. When we putt-off we were behind a group of of four, but being nice they let us hop in front of them, which meant we actually sped through the next few holes. I'd say that was due to our great skills, but it could also be the simplicity of the courses. 

So the competitiveness in me needs to also update you on who won - well I confess that Dan did. I know boo, we never want the boys to win. But in my defence I played a totally brilliant game up until the last two holes, even putting right next to the crocs belly on the first try, I know, I know, you're thinking 'what skill', I've taken a bow already! But alas, when it came to the last two holes, I hadn't realised, or factored in, the thickness of the carpet that we'd be playing on so it slowed down my ball, and the last hole was a total fluke (that's not me being a sore loser either), it was that the last hole depended purely on what number hole your ball fell into and the player with the highest number won! Boo hiss, that's not fair. 

Still, I took it on the chin, did as the floor instructed and we headed for a drink in Box Park to chill in the sun, although Dan was feeling rather worse for wear, still hair of the dog and an afternoon sat in the sun is the best cure right? 

I'm not sure how long the pop up is running for, I think it's throughout summer, but if you want to spend £9 on a short nine hole course that is fun to play and gives you lots of photo ops and chances to have a laugh, I'd say pop down. 

Dan also wrote up his review of the day on his blog too, you may see some duplication of pics, but check out his perspective of it here. 


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