Sunday 19 June 2016

Who Knew Duvet Dining Would Be So Much Fun?!

Have you ever sat there and wondered how great it would be to act like a kid, create your own duvet fort and sit back and relax, whilst dining on delicious food and drinking whatever you fancy? Of course you have, why wouldn't you and how awesome was it that TK Maxx toured a pop up #DuvetDining event round the UK so we could do just that?

I was fortunate to attend one of the events and I can't tell you how much fun it was, all plush and cosy, it gave off such a nice relaxed vibe, coupled with amazing food by Gizzi Erskine and a decent amount of alcohol to go around too. 

I love it when a brand takes a risk to do something out the ordinary and gets it right when tapping into a fun theme that people actually want to be apart of, and talk about without forcing themselves on you too much. That's exactly what this #DuvetDining event did, it was all about the brand's new proposition,Ridiculous Possibilities, and it is so on the money, it just makes sense. I'm sure all of you have been into TK Maxx (or TJX if you're in America) and you go in for one thing, or perhaps just for a general browse and you end up leaving with the most eclectic mix of items; well that in a nutshell is Ridiculous Possibilities and how the concept of #DuvetDining came about. 

It's just so simple I love it, and the fact that Gizzi Erskine created the delicious seven course menu as part of the experience was the icing on the cake. I can't even pick a favourite course. Although what I will say, which is very different for me, is that I loved the savoury much more than the sweet, which is very rare. 

The clear tomato consummate was amazing. I try to like gazpacho but I do struggle and this cold soup was just delicious, it was light, refreshing and presented in a teapot, I never want to eat soup any other way again! If I had to sum up the soup, it was definitely the most surprising of the dishes.

The goats mousse was also incredible. Goats Cheese is one of my favourite things ever, if it's on the menu, chances are I'm ordering it, and it was so whipped and creamy and the veg slightly pickled which was divine. 

Then there was the plum meat fruit, which was something I've wanted to try since Heston did it a few years ago. Essentially it was a duck and cherry meat pate, but looked like a cherry. My word, I don't think any other pate I've had has had such a nice flavour!

Finally my last choice would be the Korean Fried Chicken. I've seen Gizzi do this dish a couple of times and I am so glad I got to try it. It was incredible. Spicy, sticky, the perfect mix of the street food sweetness, so delicious, and I don't say that lightly, as I am a huge meat fan, but it's too good, everyone needs to try it to not know about. 

So yeah, it was a really fun, simple but spot on experience (I'm having a few of those lately) and #DuvetDining is certainly something I want to replicate at home for sure! Time to head out and get some more bed sheets and cushions, any excuse!


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