Sunday 13 July 2014

Snappy Happy Birthday

I'm so excited, I have to share my new toy with you. I got a happy snappy little treat from Dan for my birthday and it was love at first sight. The object of my affection; the Sony DSC-RX100. Compact, sleek and in my amateur but lust filled opinion, the dogs b*llocks. 

It helps that we jetted off to France pretty sharpish after receiving it too but its been my trusty sidekick for the whole trip. 

The main reason I love it, is that it has actually made me interested and keen to learn about photography. Not saying this wasn't something I cared about before but it has been something I've become more interested in since starting my blog and I had previously been working with a very limited piece of kit. So limited I'd argue my iPhone had a better lens. But now I've been opened up to a whole new world; the meaning of  aperture, colour contrasting, shutter speed, sensor size and light reflection which ultimately means I'm taking much better pictures. 

To get a teensy weeny bit techy; the Sony RX100 has a great Carl Zeiss 10.4-37.1mm lens that is unrivalled in quality in a point and shoot with a zoom and has a large Exmor CMOS sensor that essentially means you get more light absorbed into your photos which makes it great for daytime as well as nighttime and more dimmer settings where it still doesn't struggle to pick out the clarity. What this basically means is that it takes the best photo's you are going to get without going to a camera with a bigger sensor (which is something that won't fit in your  handbag!)

Beyond this it has a 3.6 x optical zoom and, the best bit (for a photography dummy like me) each shoot mode has a clear explanations and advice on how it should be used. So now, rather than just fluffing my way through, I can actually get to grips with a piece of equipment that I understand and that takes beautifully clear shots. 

So, for anyone out there looking to get a new camera - I'd highly recommend the Sony RX100. However its worth noting there is a newer model in the range.  For those with an extra £200 to spend there is the Sony RX100-2 which has the same Carl Zeiss 10.4-37.1mm lens as mine but also boasts flip screen and wifi which enables you to upload your pics straight to social media. The RX100-2 has a fan in The Londoner and it goes without saying she takes some pretty impressive pics. But don't just take our world for it, check out the reviews, they speak for themselves.


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