Sunday 27 July 2014

London fun in the sun

The weather in London has been fab for a while now, so it only seemed right to take a day off work and enjoy some fun in the British sunshine. 

And what better way to soak up the sun, than with some Boris biking around Regents Park and  pedalowing to cool off?

Its impossible to take any pics whilst cycling on these really heavy bikes so we took stops every now and then…

And soaked up some of the awesome surroundings that you often totally miss when rushing about.

As it got to midday it got scorching hot, so we thought we'd park the bikes and go for a stroll around the river front. This duck insisted on having its picture taken too. 

The pedalows are right at the top end of the river so we strolled all the way up and hopped straight in.

 The water was clearly gross but it was so tempting to dip a toe in just to cool off. 

Until we found the perfect shade for a rest. We steered our way right under a huge willow tree (half expecting to find like minded shade seekers, but had the whole place to ourselves. Say cheese ladies.

 Duck Ed!

 All that pedalowing and larking about is hungry work though - time to stop for a picnic.

 And lets be honest, a beer garden is a must when the sun is shining…

…before heading on home as it began to thunder. And it got dark so quickly - not a good day to be wearing white really. All in all, an amazing day with fun, friends, food…and a duck. Don't ya just love London!


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