Sunday 6 July 2014

Strip and show us what you're working with

This week it was my birthday. My 27th birthday to be precise and to celebrate, Dan and I went on a double date with our friends Mike and Sara to Strip Bar, in the basement of Malmaison Hotel. 

First things first, this is not a regular run of the mill steak house. This is a prime establishment which serves only American USDA cattle (along with some non beef options) and which carries the strap line Life Is A Party. My kinda place! 

We decided to have dinner about 7 before heading into town for some drinks. It was pretty quiet when we arrived apart from a couple of groups congregating around the bar, so we settled into our seats and got introduced to our waiter. Now this guy knew a lot about steak and to be honest went on for a rather long time, which mostly just made me salivate at the thought of actually getting my food to the table.

In true birthday style it was a glass of Rose Verve Clinqot to start the night and we all quickly ordered food. Dan and I opted for the side portion of Mac 'n Cheese for a starter which they said was really common (so why not put it as a starter?) and Mike and Sara sensibly ordered from the starter menu. 

Now, I know I raved about the Mac 'n Cheese at Jackson & Rye but this mac was just as good and just as cheesy. I think at the moment its too close to call, but Strip Bar may just get the gold as they also had a with Jalapeno option which was just amazing. Stringy, creamy, crisp on top - mmmmm mmmm, get in my tummy all over again! 

I should probably point out that Sara chose this restaurant, despite being a pescitarian as she knew the rest of us were big meat fans and I'm throwing it out there now - this girl knows where to get good steak!

It was buttery soft, seasoned to perfection and was so plump I could have rested my head on it. Plus, the sides were pretty damn awesome too - Bok Chow with chilli and ginger (def making that at home), wilted spinach and chilli and garlic mushrooms. Good job nobody had a chilli allergy!

Also, check out Sara's tuna steak - wrapped in sesame seeds it looked amazing on the plate and had a taste to match apparently

Oh, also a bit more posing before we actually tucked in.

 Cheers Mike! 

Then it was time to make a call - to dessert or not to dessert? Our heads said no but our hearts said yes, so naturally we got to ordering off the small but delectable menu. Good job you're allowed to eat and drink what you want on your birthday right?

Although that being said, Mike's the one who got the cake - the 10 layer chocolate cake to be exact - what's more they also give you an extra piece just as big to take home with you too!

Yep we were all as jealous as you are right now!

Perfectly glazed Creme Brûlée…

And a honeycomb sundae with fudge, sauce, cream and lots of other yummy calories thrown in.

After stuffing our selves we rolled out of our booth and onto the tube and went for cocktails in Floridita in Soho before calling it a night at 3am. 

Happy birthday to me!!

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