Sunday 26 October 2014

A tour of Spitalfields

I've just had the best weekend with my mum, full of food, drink, markets and a bit of chillaxing. It was perfect.

Mum came to stay on Friday night and we sat and gossiped over Champagne and a takeaway before setting about planning our day trip on Saturday. I wanted to take her somewhere she'd never been before and mum loves a bit of culture and something different, so where better than a daytime trip to Spitalfields.

I love market shopping. Like, really love it and its a crime that I don't do it more often in my adopted home city. We have some of the best markets, yet I seem to save visits to when I'm abroad, who knows why...

So, we got up nice and early and were sat down at Smiths by 10am. 

It had such a good vibe, chilled and relaxed with an amazing breakfast menu, from pancakes and waffles with maple syrup and bacon, to eggs and any type of buttie your heart desired. 

But we settled on out faves; eggs Florentine and a sausage buttie, just what was needed for a full day of trekking round the market. 

Sufficiently fed and watered we set our sites on the stalls ahead and went off in search of bargains.

We spent hours walking round the old market and new market

Love this, it's so pretty!

What do you think of the hat? Did you know if you squeeze them sideways together these hats will always retain their shape? It's only when you put weight on the top that affects their shape.

True, my little owlet friend

There was such a great mix of interesting things; jewellery, clothes, house bits and everything in between. We were spoilt for choice.

Ching ching

Not to mention the food, savoury, sweet, take your pick.

All we needed was a cuppa but mum was far too excited to stop. So once we'd seen all there was to see, we headed out into Brick Lane where we did some graffiti spotting; some of it was so amazing! I can't decide which is my favourite though.

Whoever Paulden Smith is, he is VERY talented! So if you haven't been to Spitalfields recently, tell a friend or grab your mum and get down there now. It's a guaranteed great day out! 


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