Thursday 16 October 2014

Falling in love with Greece - part two

As with most love stories, all came good in the end and after our two days of wet and grey, the clouds parted to reveal beautiful, hot sunshine which made us a very happy couple.

There is nothing quite like being lazy and carefree in the summer sun, I don't think anything can beat it and we certainly got our fill. 

This is my thinking face

We were in the pool or sea for the remainder of the days, soaking up the rays whilst lounging on the white fresh sand. 

The sea was still so warm which was a nice surprise. I've no idea what temperature it actually was but it was warm enough for me to get in and enjoy a splash about before eventually tempting Dan in too. 

Before that he was too busy creating works of art on the beach.

After tearing ourselves away from the sand for even more food (yup there was lots of eating on this holiday), we also ventured over to the infinity pool at another part of the hotel. It was heated and just divine. 

But then we had to hot step it into the room for a quick change before catching our boat for a sunset cruise. The views were amazing. We even saw dolphins, but were too slow with the camera, shy little things.

The following days were pretty much a repeat from then on really. We hadn't planned a sightseeing holiday and were both so exhausted we spent most of the time asleep in our loungers, eating or enjoying a drink at one of the bars. 

The view from Ammos in the daytime

Dan thinking 'how much would it cost to buy a yacht like these?'

But it did get particularly hot one day so I took my book and went and sat on a rock with my legs dangling in the sea.

There were little fish swimming round and it was nice and peaceful, until my peace was well and truly shattered when what I thought was a bunch of seaweed wrapped itself round my legs. It did feel thicker and tighter than previous experiences but knowing the water was clear and it couldn't possibly be anything else I let it sit there for a minute whilst I finished my page. But then I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes. Looking up at me from the sea was an octopus. No joke. It was probably 40cm wide and had two of its legs wrapped around mine and its eyes were looking straight at me. I'm not sure who was more shocked. 

Now, this could have been a magical moment but in reality it wasn't. I freaked, thrust my leg and its suckers came loose before I screamed for Dan to come and look. Typically he didn't hear me from where he was on the beach so I ran over and we both arrived back at the sea just in time to see the octopus - which we later names Oscar (as you do) squeeze his bulbous head and tentacles underneath the rock I was sat on. Oh, and a load of crabs came out to see what all the fuss was about too, so I suppose at least I had a hug from an octopus rather than a nip from a crab…

The final night and we decided to venture back to what had become our favourite restaurant in the whole of the resort and the marina - Ammos. We are not generally creatures of habit but we couldn't help but want to go back and repeat the best dinner we'd had earlier in the week, in the most beautiful surroundings. The perfect way to top off the perfect holiday. 


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