Thursday 23 October 2014

Oh, just a little Mac Book Pro purchase

Look at my lovely new toy. 

I'm actually ashamed to admit that we have so many Apple products in one house now; this latest edition is one of five, not counting the two old iPhones which are stored at the back of our cupboards somewhere. 

I must confess, it was a bit of an indulgent purchase, not in any way necessity but then what purchases usually are these days? The truth is, I began finding it hard to be tied down to writing my blog at my desk at home, rather than having the freedom of being able to stop in a coffee shop when out and about or to take away with me on nights when I'm away from home. It wasn't even just blogging, I love the iPad, really I do, but it's not that great for actually producing documents because its all touch screen and formatting is never perfect (internal rationalisation of product purchase coming through much?)

Taken from Pinterest (obvs)
So, after the teeniest, tiniest bit of arm twisting, and with the LCD screen on our iMac beginning to play up, Dan caved and finally agreed we could get one. I have been warned (quite a few times) that it is OUR laptop though, not just mine. It just keeps slipping out that way...oops. 

I love going into the Apple shop. It's all so shiny and exciting, with millions of people milling around, sending emails, purchasing new tech or learning new skills. Its just so inclusive and exciting. I did get that nervous little feeling before making the purchase though. Do any of you get that? When it's a big purchase and you worry right at the last minute, despite having talked it through for however long before. Why is that? Adrenaline mixed with the positive endorphins perhaps...or just that I'm a bit of a worrier. 

But clearly we did pur-chase and it was the right decision. I'm really excited about all the new features too, and looking forward to understanding and getting to grips with Aperture. I'm told it's a simpler, more 'beginner friendly' version of Photoshop, so it'll be good to see what a difference it makes to my photos. I'm loving experimenting with all the functions on my Sony RX100 but having even more editing capabilities will hopefully mean I'm producing  even better pics.

So, from now on I'll be typing away on this little beauty and I can't wait. 
Hopefully it'll also mean I'll be able to set about blogging more too, and I've got some exciting changes on the horizon so watch this space. 

I just need to stop taking it to bed with me every night...

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