Sunday 21 June 2015

Change Brings New Beginnings and Better Futures

Recently I went and landed myself a shiny new job, exciting huh! I've felt myself and my aspirations change over the last six months or so and I think I've become much more confident about identifying when something isn't working for me; and getting a new job was just part of that. A bit of a blossoming I guess. 

It's funny though, when one thing changes, it does shift your priorities quite a bit. Even if you try to keep everything the same, it can't be helped, whatever the change may be it becomes your focus until you get into the groove and establish a new routine. Over these past few weeks I've learnt a few little things that I wanted to share with you; to help you stay on top of life when change occurs.

1. It's OK to not have your shit together all of the time. 
Seriously, cut yourself some slack and allow yourself some bedding in time. Change effects the body in a variety of different ways, from stress levels and anxiety, to various emotional responses and just plain tiredness. Just learn to go with the flow for a bit and scope out the lay of the land before you go giving yourself a hard time that everything isn't just as it was before - it's not going to be, something has changed.

2. Expect to feel drained for at least the first few weeks.
It's hard graft dealing with change and similarly to the above point, you will find yourself more tired than normal. Whether it's being 'on' all the time to ensure you're putting your best self first, dealing with a new morning routine or keeping old connections alive, you're suddenly expecting something of your body that it's not had to do for a while so give your body the time it needs to adjust.

3. You may feel less inspired in other aspects of your life for a little while.
For me, fitness went out the window (pretty much) and blogging became a bit more of a chore. I guess because it wasn't my main priority, it meant I became a bit uninspired and had to really work hard to re-invigorate myself again. Everything seemed to go hand in hand. I was tired so worked out less, which meant I had less energy and writing became harder. I had to really work hard at it to get myself back on track. 

4. You will adapt to the change.
It may be little things, but something about you will giveaway the shift and it may be that only close friends and family will see it, but it's there. I've noticed (and so had Dan) that already I've begun to change the way I dress. it's not a big change, not even new clothes, it's just how I'm pulling the outfits together in a way I wouldn't have before shows that I'm thinking about things differently and I feel really comfortable about that. 

5. Chances are you'll be pretty proud of yourself. 
Whether it's having a baby, landing a promotion, bagging the partner of your dreams, or perhaps getting rid of someone or something that wasn't worth your time and effort, whatever it is, once the initial dust settles you will realise how proud you are of yourself. You did something that changed the course of your life and you are still living and breathing. Nothing stopped, it always gets dark at nighttime and you are still the same you, you've just achieved. Success is all relative of course, but it's only through change, whether its from our own hand or not, that we learn what we are capable of and what we can adapt to; and do you know what, that makes us pretty damn awesome! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know below if you have any comments or want to share any of your changes recently. I'd love to know how you coped with it and if any of my experiences rang true for you too. 

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