Sunday 14 June 2015

Launch of Iced Jems Shop, Birmingham

I've never been to a new store launch before, and going to one opened by one of your friends made the whole experience even more special! 
Iced Jems opened its doors for the first time yesterday, after several years of planning and expanding from Jem and it is such an achievement! From setting up her uber successful Iced Jems baking blog in 2011 and building her brand, to starting her online shop in 2012, to now launching her own bakery shop and teaching kitchen - she has seriously achieved! 

So, to help celebrate the launch, Kiran, Eddie, Vic, Sharna and I, all took a road trip down to Birmingham to surprise Jem and see the shop for ourselves. It's really spacious and decorated to a tea. Jem has put so much thought into the design of it, using all the colours from the Iced Jems brand, all the way down to the floor tiling, and there was so much space! 

The Iced Jems shop is actually split into two, the shop and the kitchen. The shop has everything you could possibly ever need to bake, and this is split out by colour, theme and occasion (very organised Jem!). 

Then there is the kitchen side of things where there are already four classes scheduled throughout August, and where you can learn to master the skills by various bloggers and experts. She has literally thought of everything. 

It was such a fun afternoon, and we hung around enjoying some of the nibbles and even decorating some little fairy cakes ourselves. 

As we decorated, Jem was non-stop with no time to rest on her laurels as there was such a steady stream of people coming through the door. You couldn't wish for anything more from a store launch day. 

It's mad how successful and self motivated she is and we're all so proud of everything she's achieved - you want to see a go getter in the flesh, Jem embodies it! Congrats Jem, you're awesome and we wish you all the best! 


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