Friday 3 July 2015

When I saw Channing Tatum; Magic Mike XXL Pre-Screeening

This week I was lucky enough to get a first glimpse at Channing Tatum's pecs as he threw all kinds of sexy shapes around various dance floors in Magic Mike XXL.

Now ladies, for anyone who has seen the first one, let me tell you, the boys, dancing and laughter have been ramped up massively in this. Its enough to make me want to go to my local Chippendale's club and get it all out my system, the only difference - there would be a big difference. 

I loved the cast in this movie, they each had more of a part, bringing through their personalities and the dancing. Oh my. The dancing, the bodies, it's drool worthy and I know as soon as it comes out on DVD it'll be a girls night in with bottles of bubbles and we'll be getting the most out of the rewind button on the remote. 

Aside from the movie, the whole experience was so much fun. This was actually my first time going to a screening opposed to a premiere. I've been to several premieres but this actually felt much more intimate. At one point I swear he even looked at me....sigh. 

I must confess not much would make me sit in a darkened cinema over being out in the amazing London weather, but for even a glimpse of Channing, I was there. 

The screening took place at Leicester Square and it was a dream come true to see Channing walk round the corner, right next to me. If ever there was a guy that embodied sex appeal.... and then he was accompanied by pretty much the whole cast. Talk about the best early birthday present ever! 

Thanks Warner Bros for making this delicious movie a possibility and for bringing Channing to the UK, you made my day! 

Sorry to keep it short and sweet, but I want to get back down to the cinema and watch it all over again!

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