Sunday 4 October 2015

Well Read: Books To Read This Autumn

I got a kindle back in July for my birthday and although part of me felt I was selling my soul to the technology world and losing touch with books, I am so glad I did as its helped me fall back in love with reading again.

I love reading. Escaping my own reality (commute) and getting lost in someone else's world is so appealing, and lately I have read some really great books that I couldn't help but recommend!  

The Ice Twins 
I've just finished reading The Ice Twins and babbled on about it to everyone I've spoken to in the last week - it is seriously amazing! It's about a family who lose one of their identical twin daughters in an accident and are dealing with the aftermath, including the psychological affects that manifest themselves in the other child. I can't say any more than that because I want you all to read it, but this book has so many twists and turns its so unbelievably compelling! You think you can guess what's going on, then all of a sudden that script is flipped all over the place and your left as confused as the parents. This is a huge statement but here it is; I would actually put this up there with my favourite books of all time!

The Lie

This book actually caught my eye as I was wondering round Sainsbury's, the power of a good front cover! But I'm so glad it did. Everyone loves the idea of jetting off on holiday to the likes of Indonesia right? Well that's the premise of this story. The Lie is about four friends who go travelling to help one of them mend her broken heart, but there is a slight tension between two, frenemies. Fast forward to lots of weird goings on on the trip and a protagonist who is trying to piece her life back together. What I really like about this book is that it sends you back in time to relive moments of their past whilst also giving you a real time narrative, which keeps you guessing. This isn't psychological, but its tense for sure.

Now You See Me 
I've got to be honest Now You See Me was a bit of a slow starter, (you know, skip a few pages and you still know what's going) and semi-predictable to a point, but it is teenage thriller fiction, so that comes with the territory. None the less, when it eventually gets going it's great. The main character is a teenage girl (of course) and it's about her own family, coupled with that off her best friend Danny's family and how they cope when he goes missing. The story spans a couple of years, throw in a couple of twists and a few tense scenes, and the ending had a tear forming in my eye. It's a good story, I just wish an adult writer had got a hold of it as with no holds barred, this could have been made more dark and sinister which it needed to really pop.  

Dangerous Girls 
Throwing it out there, this book was a real surprise to me, and I really enjoyed it! It reminded me, to a certain degree of the Amanda Knox story and I'm pretty sure that's where Abigail Haas the author got her inspiration from. I can't actually say much about the plot of Dangerous Girls apart from there is a murder and it's a bit of a 'who daunt', but I don't want to give anything more away. What I will say is this was another I couldn't put down and I was also really surprised by the ending! Once you've read it tell me if you agree. 

Girl On The Train
I feel like Girl On The Train is a bit like Marmite, you either loved it or you don't. For me, I read this with the expectation of Gone Girl and I was wrong too. The book, although clever and intricate, isn't as complex as Gone Girl or any of the Gillian Flynn books (I wrote about those here). If it had, I'd have been much more a fan as although there were twists and turns I think they were quite easy to guess. I'll admit I didn't see the ending being as brutal as it was but I feel that Hawkins tried to make up for the lack of smarts with brute force, and for me it wasn't a winner. That being said I'm glad I've read it and I did enjoy the fact a little chunk of it was set around Great Portland Street, as I used to work round there so I could to pin point the bits she was talking about exactly which made it come to life all the more. 

If you're into thrillers too, please let me know if there are any other must reads out there!

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