Sunday 1 November 2015

Chase A Dream And Make It Reality

The mind is a powerful thing and can help you achieve pretty much anything you commit to, as long as you give it your all. Whether it's in your personal or private life, sometimes you can make your dreams come true!

There are so many avenues and possibilities in the world these days that pretty much scream, 'if you're willing to put in the work, you can be whatever you want to be', and why the hell not? Why should it be that it's all about time served before you've earned the right to be considered for a promotion, or a change in career, to make a success of a new start up or a blog? It shouldn't, plain and simple. And the good news is, more and more people are buying into this way of thinking. 

This doesn't mean you've got a right to be self entitled though, it's not about saying 'hand everything to us on a plate', it's more about breaking the mould of what people think we should be doing, and doing what we actually want to do. 

People touring the world and turning it into a travel blog, that's smart, or PT's realising fitness is digital as well as physical and building an online presence; the evolution of the world does mean that there are more possibilities, but it doesn't mean t's easy. Multiple opportunities means multiple avenues and to cover all your bases you need to be working twice as hard, replicating your efforts on more and more platforms. Still, we do it, and it works, it's just about getting up and getting on with it. 

For those that are willing to do whatever it takes to chase a dream and do whatever they can to make it a possibility, nobody should stand in your way, and if you do feel the proverbial index finger wagging, telling you to 'wait your turn', give them a finger straight back and stride on past. You want to be a blogger, become a blogger, you want to quit your job to do something else, bust a gut to ensure you're financial stable enough to do so and then do it. (It's still about being smart!)

Despite popular belief, luck is usually a consequence of hard work and preparation, so you can make your own to a certain degree, and its those ballsy enough to ask for what they want that are the ones making their dreams a reality. I made my dream of being a PR in London a reality, my dad set up his own Judo company, turning his passion into an income, Tanya Burr asked to be on the cover of Glamour, and there she is on the December issue. 

The moral of the story, spend some time working out what you want, make a plan of how to get there in the next few years and then start straight away. Go on, I have faith in you! 

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