Sunday 8 November 2015

Getting Back On Top - The Butterfly Effect

Chances are when you hear this phrase you’re thinking of an Ashton Kutcher movie circa 2004, but for me it’s totally different. For me, it is a term to define going through phases of feeling like a moth and taking time to reinvigorate my life and get back to feeling like myself.

It's not just about beauty either, it's about a lifestyle shift, working out what you do and don't need in your life at that moment and getting yourself back into a happy balance, where you feel you're at the sustainable level of awesomeness that you were born with. 

For me, that includes getting my fitness back on track, as I know I'm a much more positive person when I work out and leave my stress at the gym. Whether it's because I expel all my frustration through my squats or run my problems away, or even because it's 'me' time, whatever it is getting it back into my life has been essential to getting back to 'me'. 

Sleep is another huge part of that. Dan does a lot of shift work so his body clock is pretty messed up and if I try to stay up with him some times, it's just a real no-no. My body needs 6-8hours sleep, on the weekend maybe more, and you know what, if that means being a grandma and going to sleep at 10, c’est la vie! The Butterfly Effect is, as I say, working out what's right for me, and what makes me the best version of myself.

Next up, it's about sorting out my face! That may sound overly dramatic but where there has been a lot of alcohol and less water consumption of late, it takes its toll, to say the least. Under my eyes go all dark and look more prominent, I am prone to more breakouts and generally it just looks so much more dull. So, to rectify, I invested in a new cleanser from Space N.K which I currently love, as it gives my skin a feeling of being well cleansed and nourished, whilst also smelling amazing. It’s called Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Ageing Melting Cleanser, (I know such a mouthful) but is apparently a fairly new product to the UK. The reason I love it most though, is it’s so easy to use. It’s a gel formula that you rub onto your face when dry and then wet your hands / muslin cloth and it reacts with the water to turn into an emulsion. Highly recommend! 

The next one is obvious, I have upped my h20 intake dramatically. It's funny when you do start drinking more water, you realise how dehydrated you were, or I certainly do, it’s like when I start, I just can’t stop and it makes me thirstier for more water. Anyone else know what I mean? As soon as I go a few days drinking pretty much nothing but water, and various herbal and green teas (along with a real brew in the mornings obviously) I notice such a difference, my eyes seem brighter, my skin clears up, and generally I feel so much more alert. 

Eating better is also key. When you feel like crap, you eat like crap right? I've been trying to give up sugar for the last few weeks now and unfortunately it's just not happening. But, rather than berate myself for failing, (if at first you don't succeed and all that), I am reassessing and just trying to cut certain things out. I also think from when I gave up sugar the first time, it went hand in hand with a good exercise programme, so I'm going to try again as of Monday, and also cut out certain carbs like pasta, bread and potato, to help de-bloat and really challenge myself for two weeks to be strict.

This one may surprise you guys, but I'm also considering booking another colonic. If you haven't read my first experience, check it out here. But I have felt so bloated lately I just want to do something to kick start the healthy gut and rid my body of the badness of late. 

Because it's also what you surround yourself with that affects your mood, I've also spent quite a bit of time at home, sorting out and decluttering. The other Saturday I was so rock and roll, I stayed in, drank tea and cleared out my wardrobe of loads of clothes that I haven’t worn in years, and are currently just filling up space. I didn’t stop there either, loads of shoes and also magazines went into the pile. Clearing them out felt so damn good it felt like I’d ticked something off my life admin list and it just feels a bit clearer and more organised as a result. 

Finally, I also booked in for a hygienist appointment at the dentist and got my laser sessions back on track. All things that just help me feel like I’m taking charge and giving myself a bit of an MOT I guess. 

Wow, didn’t expect this to be such a rambling post, but there it is, what the Butterfly Effect means to me, how I am helping sort myself out and getting back to my natural and harmonious balance. It’s about time! 

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