Sunday 10 January 2016

Smoothie's For Breakfast From Now On

I got a Nutri-Bullet for Christmas and I can't tell you how much I love it.  I have been eating eggs for breakfast for as long as I can remember and I was just so sick off them, that I wanted to break it up and the smoothies I've been making each morning have been the answer to those prayers! 

Until summer time I wouldn't say I was really a smoothie or juice drinker. I understood they had benefits but I'd usually stick to a cup of tea or glass of wine when it came to my fluid intake. But then a smoothie place opened so near to work, it made an obvious choice for something quick and healthy when on the run. After spending on average £7 a week on two smoothies, and speaking to a friend who swore her Nutri-Bullet was the best investment, it went straight on my list to Santa. 

I'm so pleased with it too, there is always a concern when you buy into these things that they won't live up to the hype, or that you'll use it for a few days / weeks and then forget about it and kick it to the curb along with many New Year resolutions, but I'm so confident in this I know it's with me for life. 

I know I sound like an absolute nut-job, but generally I have just seen a noticeable difference to how my body is behaving since having these smoothies of a morning. Mainly because having eggs / toast each morning can leave you feeling bloated and have some adverse effects for those that know what I'm on about, but with the smoothie I don't get any of that. 

They are filling, tasty, healthy and help me up my fruit and veg intake which is always good, as although I know I eat a good amount of veg, I hardly ever eat fruit and would still have half a bag of kale or spinach left over at the end of a week. Not any more though, now they're blended or frozen ready to be blended next time round.  

The other great thing about the smoothie is that I drink them at my desk when I arrive and they leave me feeling satisfied until about 12:30pm, which is when my body tells me its ready for lunch. This to me is also a big thing as having such a big breakfast I was not always aware of when my body would be hungry for lunch or not and would just always eat it when I could fit it in, but now I actually feel myself being hungry (a feeling I had forgotten throughout December), I feel like I'm listening my body and its actively telling me its ready for more food!

It's also been so nice to shake up my morning breakfasts and actually consider what smoothie to make that day based on what I'm doing i.e. whether to put in my protein powder or not, or fill with flax seeds. Yep, I'm already adding in all these weird and wonderful things trying to pack as much punch as possible so that all the goodness can be blended into a tasty (but usually unattractive I must admit) she that will help give my body the nutrients it wants. 

I've also spent a lot of time researching smoothie options and recipes on Pinterest. If you're interested in checking out my Smoothie Pinterest board you can do so here. Also if you have any recipes you swear by, please let me know, I'm loving all the experimenting at the moment.


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