Sunday 20 March 2016

Why It's Important To Go With Your Gut

OK, so this may sound like a weird title for a blog, and you may or may not be surprised to learn this isn't a post about digestive health. Instead this post is off the back of several conversations I've had with friends, family and even the butcher over the last few weeks, about going with your gut instinct. Blocking out the noise that's all around you and finding the answer within yourself (or at the bottom of a bottle of Champagne).

Considering the importance of going with you gut has come about for several reasons; deciding to switch up a presentation at the eleventh hour because it just didn't 'feel right', telling senior management that this maybe a spanner in the works but you've had a better idea, and of course when it comes to dating and general life choices (such as whether to go for beef or chicken, which was the discussion with the butchers). 

Whatever the reason though, its a phrase I have noticed being said, and myself repeating an awful lot. I'm not saying that I've not been told no, or gone home with the beef when Dan wanted chicken, but generally, the big decisions have proven right, and its empowering to voice and stand by your convictions, and be praised for that conviction too.

Take a friend at work for example, the guy she was seeing was acting a fool, so she kicked him to the curb because she felt like it was the right thing to do. Feeling sad but sticking by her decision, life went on, until he came back, asking for a second chance. Now the noise from everyone (and I love girls, but sometimes we do jump on the 'men suck' bandwagon all too easily) said 'don't reply', 'he just wants to get laid' etc. So I just messaged her off group and simply said; 'whatever your guts telling you to do, do that'. Not saying anyone's advice was right or wrong, and regardless of what the outcome of what she decided was, when you are given two choices, you always know which you want to take. 

It actually feels like lots of people are having this 'hallelujah' moments in life at the moment, I don't know whether it's because it's spring and people are trying to reassess what they want from the next nine months, or whether it's just frisky season and therefore people are questioning certain hook ups, or if its the simple fact that most of the people in my life are all starting to face the prospect of turning 30 soon, and with that comes a kick up the backside to be the change you want to see. 

Who knows, but it's clear we've all got our own things going on. So, the one piece of advice I'll give to anyone questioning things at the moment, trust your gut instinct. It's not actually let me down yet. 😉


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