Friday 21 November 2014

Christmas Tag

Eek, Christmas is in the air and to celebrate I've done the Christmas tag.

Nobody has actually nominated me for this but I do love a good tag and as lots of people are doing their own ones thanks to open nominations, here's mine:

What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Tricky, it's got to be The Holiday, although Love Actually comes a really close second. I watch them both every year without fail and they definitely get me in the festive mood.

I also love cheesey Christmas animated movies....perfect for watching whilst wrapping presents!

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Mmm, both sometimes. Dan and I always spend Christmas together (when he's not working) so we split it between Derby and Calne so we can see family, which does sometimes mean that presents get opened on Christmas Eve.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Nope, just Christmas each year surrounded by family.

Favourite festive food?

Christmas dinner - without a shadow of any doubt! Whether it's turkey crown, beef or lamb - it's all amazing.

Favourite Christmas gift?

OK I can't pick just one here as my younger self would have to say all the Barbies / accessories I got over the years. I'd be so excited to play with them, my dad would spend all afternoon assembling the cafe or supermarket and then get frustrated when I stuck a sticker on slightly lopsided...oops. Can laugh about it now right dad?

But I have had so many great gifts and I really can't decide. Perhaps my Michael Kors watch which I wear every day, or perhaps my diamond earrings, which I always wear, or perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. I get spoilt but get good wear out of things is the key take out of this!

Favourite Christmas scent?

Logs burning on the open fire. Literally nothing beats this.

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

I guess so, and most recently it involves playing cards, mainly Bridge, with Dan's parents in Derby. 

What's at the top of your tree?

A star that I'm not too fond of and I want to exchange this year. Every year Dan and I buy a new decoration for our tree, after being able to only decorate half of it our first year of living together, and the star we have was a last minute purchase that needs updating.

As a kid, what was the gift you always wanted but never received?

I don't think there was anything. I ever asked for an animal or anything crazy unrealistic, I generally just loved Barbies so I think I was pretty easy to please.

What's the best part of Christmas for you?

Clearly not good at only giving one answer, but putting up the Christmas tree whilst playing Christmas music, seeing all the family,  oh and opening presents.

OK so now I'm nominating:

Tell us your Christmas tradition ladies!

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