Sunday 16 November 2014

Unable to sleep

More and more recently I'm having nights where I can't sleep. I go to bed feeling reasonably tired, eyes heavy, but as soon as the noise and buzz of daily life quietens, my mind comes alive.

But instead of just laying there counting sheep and recounting all the things that didn't go to plan that week (mainly work related), what I need to do etc., I thought I'd get up and distract myself. Also as a total aside my lilies have totally opened up and look so fab.
I have a couple of fail safes that I turn to when I can't sleep. For starters I make myself a hot drink and get all cosy on the sofa. 
Then I try and empty all my thoughts into my diary, spill it all out onto the pages so it's no longer in my head.

Beyond that I pop in a fail safe DVD,  The Heartbreak Kid. It's not a particularly brilliant movie, to be honest the first 30mins are the best bit, but that's usually all I need. I've watched that first bit so many times that I just listen to it without watching it and boom - I never see the end. 

Do you have any hints and tips for those long sleepless nights?


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