Friday 7 November 2014

The time for travel

Since I've been back off holiday my mind has been constantly wandering to the next destination. I've made lists upon lists of everywhere I want, some feasible, some not so.

So its got me thinking about travel as a theme and how I recently went to a talk on the Cassandra Report. Its almost like a social report that looks at behaviour traits and habits of 'generation y', also referred to as millennials, trying to understand what floats our boat, what we're doing differently from before, why and how. And to clarify for those that don't know, 'gen y' are those born between 1978 and 2000 (so aged 18-34 years old).

There was a lot of really cool stuff in the report, but the main reason I wanted to chat to you about it is because one of the biggest things that make us 'gen y'ers' tick, is travel. It's considered our largest passion point as a collective, with over three quarters of us saying travel is our number one choice for luxury. By comparison, our parents (the baby boomers) would have been much more likely to index against things like cars, clothes or more materialistic, tangible items when they were our age. 

It also shows that we travel abroad with friends more than ever before. Jetting off for long weekend away and staying in temporary accommodation spots such as Air BnB, something previous generations wouldn't have considered, even if it had been available to them. 

We value these experiences and enjoy spending our money on them, making memories that will last a lifetime. And why shouldn't we? There is so much to see in the world and now more so than ever, we're more connected with the world, we know more about it and travel has never been easier (if never more expensive also). But that's our choice. 

But what I also think is interesting about this (and this is coming from me and my observations and feelings, not what is written in the report) is that we refer to this as travel, not going on holiday. It's not necessarily all about relaxing and unwinding (as I did in Greece - please note I said not always, sometimes doing just that is exactly what is needed!), but more about immersing ourselves in the culture, getting stuck into the sites and sounds, making new friends and trying something new. 

I should also point out that this post is taking me forever to write as I'm getting myself all excited and keep looking on Trip Adviser for reviews of places to go in the not too distant future in Rome and Paris. They may not be off the beaten track, but I really don't care. I haven't experienced either as a 'proper adult' with money that I can actually spend and no college tutor telling me where to go when. 

So I think for now, these two are next on my list. If you guys have any recommendations on where to go too, please let me know, or send me links to any pieces you've done on them, I'd love to have a nosey. 

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