Sunday 9 November 2014

Wishing of a Wahaca

On a wet and miserable day, there is nothing better than charging into a dry restaurant to spend the afternoon catching up with your girls. 

It was wet, windy and getting overcast at 2pm in the afternoon so we all slipped into Wahaca in Covent Garden for a cocktail (or two), tacos and a good catch up. It took us ages to order, sometimes time goes so fast that its been a month or two since you last saw people so we were bending each others ear as soon as we sat down. 

However we finally settled on a choice of bits and it was arriving at our table in no time. 

Steak Tacos 

Pork Pibil

Sweet potato and feta Taquitos 

Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla 

And some sweet potato, re-fried beans and green rise sides - standard.

Also I didn't have one of these today but I did have one recently and was totally infatuated. If you do venture to Wahaca, I totally recommend trying the hot chocolate, with tequila or chili, whichever you prefer, each is delicious! 

It was a great way to while away the hours on a not so pretty weekend.

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