Thursday 14 July 2016

Afternoon Tea at W Hotel

How would you feel about afternoon tea at W Hotel in Leicester Square? If you aren't already chomping at the bit, the following post will get you salivating for sure! 

I love a bit of afternoon tea, and have enjoyed my fair share, but when it comes to originality, theme and actually taste, the W Hotel has my vote right now. 

It was such a nice day, and I went with one of, if not THE biggest cake fan I know. Jem runs her own uber popular blog and her own cake baking shop, if you want to check it out visit her online shop or blog, or if you're in Birmingham and like baking, go see her store for yourself, it's like baking heaven!

Anyway, I digress. We arrived about 2:30pm, where we had a great little spot right in the sunshine, if you don't know W Hotel, the first floor is ultra modern, complete with high windows and plush sofa's and chairs and lots of plates.

Once we were seated, we enjoyed some tea, English Breakfast for Jem, Mint for me, and took a few snaps, then 10mins or so later, out came the Afternoon Tea.

Look how fun it looks, it's a punk rock theme and it didn't disappoint. All we needed was a glass of Champers to set it off perfectly, and then we tucked in.

It was hard to pick a favourite as I enjoyed it all, but if you twisted my arm, it was the Frozen Strawberry and Basil Moose. The outside was white chocolate, and inside the moose was cold, fruity and so refreshing, there was also a small bit of chocolate cake underneath which finished it off perfectly. 

The whole thing was just so delicious, and the perfect Sunday afternoon treat. It wasn't too expensive either, £50 for the afternoon tea, glass of Champagne and service charge, so if you're after a great little spot to try in Central London, I'd highly recommend you give this a go.


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