Wednesday 6 July 2016

July's Blog Based #30daychallenge

OK so June has come and gone, and I've gotten to grips with spending a bit of time focusing on me, trying new things, taking control of my health a bit more, and generally giving myself a bit of an MOT, but now it's July, and I'm turning my attentions to my blog. 

I'm actually really excited about this too, as I have lots of ideas and I really do need to provide this little love of mine a bit more TLC. I've felt a little lacklustre towards blogging lately, it has just felt like another thing I have to cram into my days, but this month I'm turning that round!  I'm turning what could be negativity into inspiration to succeed and making blogging 2 times a week my July #30daychallenge. I already feel more inspired and there is lots I want to get out there and do, so having a whole month dedicated to blogging should really help me up my game. 

Since Friday I've been gathering and creating content, writing down ideas and getting the buzz and passion back for my blog in terms of what I want to write and focus about, and it really has made a big difference.

As I say June was about focusing on me, and doing some soul searching into things I want to do / learn / be as well as the things that I want to eradicate from my life, and in doing that I feel like it's given me a much healthier perspective on things which is important, and has been inspiring. It can be quite easy to get into a rut, or plod along with things without questioning why, so by taking last month to do so, it's definitely given me impetus to crack on and up my game with my little space on the Internet.

I hope you like the changes that will come, as I say I plan on upping my blogging game, posting at least eight - ten times and trying new things on here, but if you have any feedback I'd also really appreciate it.

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