Sunday 17 July 2016

Fit Bits: Fitness Pole Dancing

I'm so happy to be bringing my Fit Bits section back, it's been a while and it's actually one of the bits of my blog I enjoy writing and testing out the most. I miss giving new workouts a go, so one of the things I challenged myself with recently was to put that plan into action, so here I am trying my hand at a taster session of Pole Dancing. The verdicts in and I enjoyed it! 

I need to make one thing clear though, this was absolutely not, in any shape or form a sexy class. The only one that was able to wriggle her way around the pole in a manner that exuded sex appeal was the instructor, the rest of us all looked like fish out of water to one degree or another, and as it should be. I take my hat off to the girls that do this as a fitness sport or for work; pole dancing isn't easy, it's a lot about body positioning and upper body strength and releasing the tension in your body, which, when you try something for the first time, and you're aware that you have a metal pole that could hurt your pelvis or shins at any time, is not so easy to master. 

The class itself was great fun though, I did it with a friend, Sara, as it was actually her idea and at 8:30 on a Wednesday evening we met up in Monument to visit PolePeople dance studio, for the taster class we'd registered for. 

It was fully booked as they have such small numbers, which was actually ideal as it made it more intimate and like the instructor could actually see what you were doing. There were about eight poles in the room, and three sides of it was mirrors so you could watch your techniques and obviously try and perfect the sexy body roll when you're a bit more advanced. 

Pic taken from Facebook page
In terms of what you had to wear, it was shorts or leggings, but shorts are best because it allows you to grip the pole better with your legs, although this can cause friction burn if you're not careful, and bare feet. I was so glad as I know some classes make you wear heels, but this one was just walking on your tiptoes to imitate being in heels. It was safer (especially for new beginners) and it means, as wearing heels does, that you tilt your pelvis and have better posture which is important when doing pole. 

Our instructor was great, her name was Jai and she had one of those bodies which you wish you could have, you know toned to perfection whilst retaining feminine softness... But the way she was able to swing herself round the pole showed how strong she was, and as an instructor she was great. She was able to show us a routine, and then clearly break all the moves down and spend time with everyone in the class which I think everyone appreciated. By the end of the first hour we were able to master a mini routine made up of five parts and by the end all able to complete it, performing the routine on both our left and right sides. 

One of the things that surprised me was how much of a workout I felt like I was getting, and I really enjoyed trying to get my body to move in different ways, and to just shake it up a bit. One of the things that we were told is it burns up to 800 calories per hour (great!), that its a great way of toning your bum as the body roll is perhaps more effective at working multiple parts of the glutes (great!) and that you'll feel the DOMS ache in your body and muscles the day after your workout (not so great unless you're into that sort of pain). For me, I didn't ache 24 hours after my workout, nor the day after that, and Sara didn't either, but both of us work out and lift weights so that may have something to do with it. I certainly felt my arms getting a good workout during the session though, and having to constantly engage your core is a great way of working that little baby out. 

So all in all, I'm sure you've guessed but it was a great workout that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was social and fun with a relaxed yet engaging nature, I can certainly see why ladies love it!

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