Sunday 24 July 2016

Why I Read To Relieve A Stressful Week

Today I've woken up feeling really positive, and after what can only be described as a stressful week, I've spent a bit of time looking back at what triggered my stress, and how I've finally woken up on Sunday feeling ready to face the world again. 

When you're stressed, you have two options; deal with it on your own, or spend time with others, brushing it off and moving on, maybe it's because I'm an only child, or because I'd been out and about a lot this week, but I took Saturday night to myself and it was the best decision, especially as it gave me time to put things into perspective, not have to explain myself to people, and because I actually  had a really great evening by myself. 

I'm not going to lie, I wanted to slob out and eat take-away and allow myself to mope about a bit and get it out my system, instead I forced myself to do things I knew would make me feel better about myself rather than worse. It sounds obvious  I know, but its easy to forget that when you're in a funk all you want to do is throw the baby out with the bath water, and rarely does it do anything but highten your already stressed state. 

So instead of ordering takeaway, ice cream and a movie, I got home, spent some time cleaning and preparing a healthy dinner, yes very domestic but have you ever heard of tidy space, tidy mind, and all that? Especially as when I say healthy dinner, I roasted a chicken and made a delicious Chicken Caeser salad, which is one of my faves, so simple and fresh so it was something I was looking forward to eating. 

Then I sat down with a glass (bottle) of wine and gave myself a bit of a pamper, from my head to my toes, which is a sure fire way for all girls to feel good about themselves, and forces you to relax as you can't be running about like mad thing with a facemark on, it just doesn't really work that way. Then I did something that I don't think I would ever really do on a Saturday night, usually opting for a good movie or whatever instead, but I sat down and read. I read two thirds of my book over a few hours and only put it down when I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I haven't read so much in ages, but it was so calming and relaxing and just allowed me to be somewhere else it was so nice. I love reading, and since getting my Kindle, I read so much more as it's so convenient, but I do think there is nothing better than when I book transports you elsewhere, and I don't really think any other media does the same, not even movies. 

That was the shocker for me, but there was obviously a reason I chose to pick up a book rather than turn on the TV, and I think it's because it's what I find calming and helpful at the same time, as you can't be in your own head when you're in the narrators, meaning you can't actually be stressed when you're curled up on the sofa reading a book.

Reading also meant I became very aware when my body was telling me it was time for bed, rather than waiting for a movie to finish or whatever and that I had one of the best nights sleeps I'd had in ages. Hence waking up this morning with a spring in my step and ready to conquer the world around me. Well, either that or the list of jobs I've given myself to complete. I love to write lists as I find them super useful at helping me feel productive, if I don't have a list I feel sort of aimless, although I know what needs to be done, unless it's there on paper, it's never the same, even if its digitally written, you can't tick it off the same way.

Appreciate that was a bit of a ramble of a post, and as I say it wasn't actually my planned content but I feel like I just needed to share, as if it helped me, maybe it will help you too, especially as Sunday's are great days to sit back with a book too, and in the sun no less! 

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